Woden's Day, 4th April 2007
Here one finds The Old Way.
The Old Way will not be lost.
That being said, some acolytes may also want to know there is now a New Way, borne from Romania.
The rite of return_of_the_necrobation is:
Hail the Necrowizard All Ways!
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To that end, updates will continue here as I have time and resources: today, finally made some overdue changes on our Links page... as always hail Richard if you need something pertaining to this website.

Woden's Day, 21st March 2007
Hail Teh!
Return Of Teh Old Way!
On the 10th day of March, 2007, forum member Teh bequeathed unto all unhallowed acolytes yet another lost artifact from the ancient website: The Impaled Northern Moonforest Desktop Theme for Windows! It's in the (satanic) download section. Go check it for cyber-invertedness! All PC computers must now hail the Necrowizard! 666!
Date Discrepancy Disclaimer: So it's taken me about 10 days, but this is the first chance I've had to get the site uploaded/updated. It's brutal, grim work slaying posers in Chapel Hill, NC. First, the word "chapel" is part of the name, and due to the very, very, very, very ungrim temperate climate, there are very many more of the ungrim posers, very much like those displayed by Pure Slavonic Blasphemy in his forum post of 17 February. This town is brimming with them, and as the weather warms up, so must the planson and war-hammer. I like to catch them on their way out of Sunday school classes.

Woden's Day, 21st February 2007
There has been talk in the lair of the ABM Gestapo about using trve propaganda to grow the ranks of grimness.
Acolytes of the Necrowizard: unite, invert and smite!

Thursday, 15th February 2007  -  known to the Romans as The Lupercalia
"The rites of this day included the sacrifice of a goat at the cave-grotto known as the Lupercal. With the sacrificial blood wiped across their foreheads, those taking part in the ceremony would run the circumference of the Palatine hill, perhaps about 5K, tracing the traditional route of the city boundary as tread by Romulus on the day he founded Rome. Girls would approach the runners, hoping to be brushed or splattered with the februa--thongs of bloody, sacrificial goatskin--and therewith symbolically blessed with fertility. Red was the color of the day, just as it is now with Valentine's Day, the day invented to replace the Lupercalia. Fertility and sexuality were likewise replaced (by saint-loving followers of the Unnecrowizard) on this holiday with the puritanical pipedream of sexless Love."

Unhail all Saints!
Hail grim, bloody goat sacrifices!
The Necrowizard returns to the internet to curse the ungrim on frostbitten Lupercalia!

We are now necrobating, until further notice, here at geocities, which allows undisturbed frames, thereby making the INM site available in its most ancient trve form. Also, if you aren't using an ad-blocker (see January 11, 2007, below), just click that tab on the upper right, you will be able to close the vertical ad frame which geocities inserts. The best thing about the free geocities is that access to the zip files for download has been returned. That last server we were using at 9999mb.gay would not allow such files for download. I'm not sure if we're going to encounter bandwidth problems as a result of downloads, but if you *do* get a bandwidth error message, the site should be accessible at the top of the next hour. Now we need to find a place where we can upload the mp3's for download. Acolytes with suggestions of grim hosts for the mp3s, hit the forums and speak up!

Thursday, 11th January 2007
We have been besieged with ungrim Ads by Goooooogle!  I am looking into the spells required to banish these things.  Until I or another acolyte issues the damning incantation, Moongoat Herder, Vinterblod has suggested using a Firefox browser with Adblock Plus, which is effective, provided you are at a computer with access privileges that allow you to download and utilize this helper spell.  In case you can not do this, I temporarily added the scroll function to our header, which will allow you to scroll past the blessed ads to the lustful banner of grimness.  As your insidious, cross-inverting necro-webmaster, however, I have the priority of impaling these intruders most satanically, as is my wont.  The Necrowizard wills it and so shall it be!

...meanwhile, I went ahead and moved the news from the original inm.necrobation.org site to a separate page...  I did not add a link to the menu at left, as those trve and kvlt will know the way through the secret door.

Forums is currently still the best way to know what's new, and the unhallowed site of Necrowizard hailing.  Go there now and hail him, or die the suffocating, tepid and teabagged death of gay posers!

Hail the Necrowizard!


Wednesday, 3rd January 2007
Ho-ho necro-kiddies!  

That for which you have so long awaited is at last returned unto you, just as the Necrowizard returned unto the "innocent" Eskimos!  

Though I, Richard, am now but a lowly cross-inverting necrolyte...   Behold!  This manipulation of cyber-dust is but a sample of my blasphemous powers!  

Summoned by Lord Leper Satani to aid in this most unholy and frostbitten task of reintroducing Impaled Northern Moonforest and Acoustic Black Metal to the internet, I have hailed the Necrowizard, Impaled Northern Moonforest, and Seth, I have sat in the necrobobsled, I have called out to the Blasphemous Moon until the incantations were correctly uttered, rendering this site available to all with access to the web.  Hail the Necrowizard!

Brothers, it was a long and humid exile, but now, in the heart of winter--as would befit that birthed in the frostbitten fjords of Norway--the grimness is once again within us and without us!

Hail Impaled Northern Moonforest!  Hail Acoustic Black Metal!  Hail Seth! 

Hail The Necrowizard! 


Saturday, 17th December 2006
Well well well, Look what's back! Yes, it's true. I fucking rule it all. I made the website from scratch, and used the buttons and theme from the old necrobation.org INM site, made by Adam (wepV). All hail The Goat for giving me the hosting tip!

Hail The Necrowizard!


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